Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

Dedicated to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This monument was erected to honour those Australian servicemen and women who served during world war one. Here you will find snippets of information not found in any tourist guide book!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Without a shadow of a doubt.

The Shrine of Remembrance

is quite unique in that on the eleventh day of the eleventh month ( Remembrance Day ), at precisely eleven o'clock, a beam of light shines through an aperture in the roof and illuminates the 'Stone of Remembrance'

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A few years ago there was an upgrade of the Shrine in that a visitor's centre was constructed. This visitor's centre includes a shop, a media presentation area, a redeveloped undercroft and entrance and garden courtyards.
Not to be outdone, the modern day architects are rumoured to have incorporated another rather unique feature in their design of the 'Garden Courtyard'.

As can be seen in the photograph, there is a zig-zag line of light and dark stone paving with a narrow mid-tone section between them. This zig-zag mirrors the profile of the outer wall.

Rumour has it, ( although I have yet to witness it myself ), that at 11 am on the 11th November the shadow of the wall of the Garden courtyard will line up with the edge of the dark paved area where it meets the mid-tone section. During the minutes silence observed on Remembrance day the shadow will travel from the dark section of paving to the light section. This represents the transition from darkness to light or war to peace.

As far as I am aware this feature is not documented anywhere else other than this blog!!!


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