Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

Dedicated to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This monument was erected to honour those Australian servicemen and women who served during world war one. Here you will find snippets of information not found in any tourist guide book!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Long & the Short of it.

hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people visit the Shrine of Remembrance. Many of these visitors are from overseas and want to take back fond memories of their time spent in Melbourne.
Because of this, everyday, many, many, photographs are taken by these tourists of, the monument, the gardens and also the Shrine Guards that patrol the area 24 hours a day dressed as Australian soldiers. Very few of these people actually get a photograph taken of them, as they take a photo of the Shrine!
On this occassion, however, I could not resist the temptation.
Living near to the Shrine and often passing through it's grounds whilst taking a leisurely stroll, I occassionally carry my camera with me for that 'Kodak Moment'. On this day I happened upon this gentleman that was on holiday from Germany.
As soon as I 'clocked' his shorts I knew that I had to capture them on film for this blog.
A smile crept over my face as I said "Nice shorts!...Do you mind if I take your picture?"
"Not at all" he replied in an unmistakable German accent.
I quickly took a picture of him, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, and bid him farewell.
When I got back to my apartment and veiwed the image I nearly split my sides from laughing. These were undoubtably the most ridiculous shorts that I had ever seen!
I have therefore uploaded the image to this site for your entertainment, and to show that we do indeed get quite an assortment of visitors here at the Shrine from all corners of the globe.
PS: If you have any photographs of your visits to the Shrine of Remembrance, please send them to me at:
BYE!!! :)


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